The International Tokyo Conference of Applied Social Sciences publication opportunities:

-Abstracts of the oral and poster presentations will be published in the conference proceedings.

-Extended summaries (min. 750 words) of papers presented in this conferences in Japan will be compiled in the “Asian Social Sciences Research Yearbook” at the end of the year. The assigned ISBN number for the upcoming yearbook is 978-1-5357-2639-9.

-All the accepted full papers that follow the required format, meet the criteria and vetted by the editor will be published in one of the following journals: The Journal of Scientific Social Studies ( 978-1-5357-2636-8) and The Journal of Scientific Business Research (978-1-5357-2637-5). The unique DOI numbers will be assigned and the articles will be submitted to Google Scholar and CrossRef.


-Full papers submitted to this conferences in Japan that are related to technology and society will be on the fast-track review for the special issue of the International Journal of Web Based Communities indexed by SCOPUS Google Scholar & CrossRef.

-Full papers submitted to this conferences in Japan that are related to to business will be on the fast-track review for Asian Business Research Journal indexed by Google Scholar & CrossRef Google Scholar & CrossRef.


-Best paper award in each sub discipline will give a chance to a number of conference participants to win the prize. -Best Poster award will be awarded separately.